John Deere 110
The model 110 was John Deere’s first Lawn & Garden tractor. In 1962 a design was laid forth to build a lawn and garden tractor that would offer many of the same features and wide range of implements that the bigger John Deere tractors offered. It would offer small rural and urban landowners alike the chance to own an affordable Small Tractor with a Big Farmer feel. The new tractor was designated the John Deere Model 110 in keeping with the current Ten Series Waterloo and Dubuque tractors. Ergonomically designed, with new features way ahead of its time, its exclusive Variable Speed Drive allowed for high speed mowing and super low end tilling. Its stout, and dependable Cast Iron 7 hp K-161 Kohler engine gave the tractor plenty of power to utilize the integral worktools. It was a great design, and was quick to become a big seller with 1000 models built for 1963.
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Features included:
* Seven horsepower, air cooled, Kohler model K161 cast iron engine with electric start
* Peerless three speed transmission with speed variator that allowed slowing the tractor without interrupting power to the driven equipment
* Rear tires and drive belts enclosed and shielded for operator protection. A full hood and grille protecting the engine, battery, starter, etc.
* Quick -Tach style mounting of attachments
* Scratch resistant fiberglass hood and fenders
* Triple safe starting
* Heavily built frame and front axle to handle heavy loads.
* Adjustable tread rear wheels, important for mowing on hillsides.

Introduced as a seven horse model in 1963, for 1964 an eight horse Kohler K181S was utilized and the fiberglass fenders were replaced with steel. For 1965 the transmission was changed from three speed to four speed, and in 1966 Hydraulic Lift was offered as a factory only option. In 1966 a new 110 with Manual Lift cost $719 and the standard 38" deck was $148.

Triple safe starting was a feature from the start. The PTO needed to be disengaged, the transmission in neutral and the key used before the tractor could be started. This feature was advertised by showing children playing and climbing on the tractor. Deere considered the safety feature to be a key selling point on the tractors.

The most obvious design change was in 1968 when the separate "round fenders" were replaced by a one-piece "fender deck" that was rubber mounted to the frame. The next significant change occurred in 1972 with a larger, heavier frame, choice of the 8 hp Kohler K181S or a 10 hp Kohler K241S engine. Electric lift became an option in 1973.

The model 110 initially weighed approximately 500 pounds with the later versions adding weight to a total of 775 pounds. The 110 was designed as a garden tractor and Deere offered many integral attachments to suit the homeowner, as well as the commercial user :
* Model 20 Compressor
* Model 38, 39 and 46 (for 10hp) mower deck
* Model 36, 37, and 37A snowthrowers
* Model 30, 31, and 31A rear rotary tiller
* Model 42 and 43 blade
* Model 80 dump cart
* Model 7, 5a, and 5b sprayer
* Front and rear slab weights and rear wheel weights
* Tire chains, hub caps, cigarette lighter, and headlights
* An integral hitch
* Tire equipment options

Serial number breaks are as follows:
Year -- Serial Number -------Engine
1963 -- 2,550 - 3,550 --------- Kohler K161 (7hp)
1964 -- 3,551 - 15,000 ------- Kohler K181 (8hp)
1965 -- 15,001 - 40,000 ----- Kohler K181
1966 -- 40,001 - 65,000 ----- Kohler K181
1967 -- 65,001 - 100,000 --- Kohler K181
1968 -- 100,001 - 130,000 - Kohler K181
1969 -- 130,001 - 160,000 - Kohler K181
1970 -- 160,000 - 185,000 - Kohler K181
1971 -- 185,001 - 250,000 - Kohler K181
1972 -- 250,001 - 260,000 - Kohler K181
1972 -- 260.001 - 272,000 - Kohler K241 (10hp)
1973 -- 272,001 - 285,000 - Kohler K181
1973 -- 285,001 - 310,000 - Kohler K241
1974 -- 310,001 - 320,000 - Kohler K181
1974 -- 320,001 --------------- Kohler K241

Summary by Stan Barnes and Ray Moore. Photos from John Deere advertising literature and B. Copenhaver. Article content from
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